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Monkey Run 

OCTOBER 8, 2022
Acme Brick

Fort Worth, TX!!!
Get more information at www.MonkeyRun.Org

So, what is the Monkey Run?

We are so excited you asked! The Monkey Run is a fun and family friendly run/walk comprised of 3 different race options, with the purpose of fundraising solely for Eternal Surrender. Eternal Surrender is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps families who have lost a child. This is a great way for anyone to become involved in supporting the mission of Eternal Surrender! Come join in the monkeying around, make some monkey-tastic memories!  

Check out the different options below:

Monkey Mile:

- 1 mile

- All ages welcome

- Not timed

- Monkey Magnificent!


Monkey Run 5K

- 5K (3.1 mi) Run or Walk

- Timed and untimed options

- All ages and skill levels welcome

- Monkey-Mazing experience!


Monkey Maniac 2 Mile Relay

Want to become a Monkey Maniac?

Can you make it across the finish line with your bananas?


Only open to the first 50 registrants, these runners will be given a banana belt* with 2 bananas attached - make it across the finish line with at least one banana, and get a specialty shirt!  But watch out!! There are many silly monkeys throughout the course who are ready to steal your bananas!

(*The banana belts are flag football belts, with the flags acting as your bananas!)

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